The Papadakis Group After Sales Division consists of the following departments: Workshop, Spare Parts, Vehicle Structure, Paint Shop, Vehicle Modifications. Our company provides maintenance and repair services as well as spare parts for medium and heavy trucks, buses and trailers.

With 35 vehicle (bus and truck) crossings per day and over 80% day-to-day repairs, our workshop is a one of its kind vertical unit in Greece and an authorized repairer for Mercedes-Benz / Setra (Evobus), MAN and Schmitz Cargobull.

Since 2013, Papadakis Group’s specialized workshop has serviced 23,000 vehicles.

The company’s Paint Shop covers an area of 1,200 sq.m. and is the most modern of its kind in the Balkans, while the Repairs department can handle any bus service from 9 to 75 seats.

Work is carried out under the guidance of MAN Truck & Bus AG, Mercedes Benz (Daimler AG) and Schmitz Cargobull AG and of course, with international ISO 9001, 2008 TUV-SUD certification for optimum quality, applying all procedures according to Greek legislation on recycling and waste management.

Workshop Department

With 35 vehicle (bus and lorry) crossings per day and over 80% day-to-day repairs, our workshop is a vertical model unit in Greece and an authorized repairer for Mercedes-Benz / Setra (Evobus), MAN Hellas and Schmitz Cargobull.

It serves an average of 5,500 vehicles a year and employs 25 people trained in MAN Truck & Bus and Mercedes Benz vehicles. Some of the seminars and training that our team members have attended are from MAN Truck & Bus AG, Knorr, Wabco and Schmitz.

The workshop is divided into sections of engineers, electricians and technicians in cooling-heating systems. It has 10 vehicle service locations, including 3 pits, a break-meter and other equipment. It is equipped with MAN diagnostics (MANCats I, II and III), Mercedes-Benz, BADER, Wabco, Spheros air conditioning diagnostics, AdBlue special diagnostics equipment, and an exhaust gas analyzer.

Vehicle Structure Department

All kinds of machining and body repair work, such as repairs to commercial vehicles, modifications and alterations to bodywork and chassis, as well as the manufacture of automatic trunk systems are performed here.

Paint Shop

This is one of the largest paint-shops in the Balkans, a brand new and state-of-the-art facility staffed by 7 craftsmen and it is fully equipped with:

  • 4 large ovens for commercial vehicles.
  • Fully controlled conditions that meet the highest standards and quality requirements.
  • An oven capable of painting vehicles over 18 meters.
  • A separate independent color storage and manufacturing facility
  • A vehicle preparation area capable of accommodating 3 twelve-meter vehicles (buses) at a time.
Vehicle Modifications Department

This department undertakes tasks such as mounting vehicles, replacing glass, interior decorations, adding extra seats and lining, wallpapers and more.

At the same time, it places or removes WC, kitchens and bus refrigerators, completes the full range of work on air-conditioning and cooling-heating systems and mounts brakes and airbags for mini buses.

Finally, the department has the ability to add rear-view cameras and electrical applications and equipment as well as maintain, adjust and modify systems for automatic doors and luggage compartments.

Spare Part Sales

Papadakis Group holds the title of “MAN Spare Parts Sales Champion” as a recognition of its reliability and top-quality service.

At the same time, with full authorization from Daimler as a Service Provider for Genuine Mercedes-Benz and Setra Spare Parts it is able to offer the full range of OmniPlus spare parts at the most competitive prices.

The Spare Parts Storage facility is housed in 2 privately owned 1,500m2 buildings with the ability to deliver 92% of orders within the same day.

In August 2019, the Group’s branch office at 87 Drakontos Street, just behind the Kifissos Bus Station, was inaugurated so that professional motorists can be immediately and easily serviced by our highly trained staff for any need that may arise.

The warehouse operation is divided into 3 sections:

  • Spare Parts and Supplies Warehouse for Vehicle Replacement
  • Spare Parts and Supplies Warehouse for Dealers with spare parts sales consultants trained by MAN Truck & Bus and Mercedes Benz (Evobus)
  • Spare Parts and Supplies Warehouse.
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